What to Consider When Choosing a Command Center Video Wall


In business, the control room relies on many equipment, with one of the most important being the video wall. The operations that are critical to the success of the organization can be viewed on the video wall. This is important as you want to have an overview of all operations going on at any time. With the real-time data you get, you can make accurate decisions that can affect efficiency, output and revenues of your business.

Majority of the Mission Critical Video Wall in the market today and made using modern technology. On the walls, you can view various types of information, more than you could with traditional displays.

Most people wonder which video walls will be right for their organizations. If this is the case, you are on the right track. Find out more below on why you need a display video wall.

Why Install a Display Video Wall?

You need a video wall for your control room to visual various data related to the business. The display wall can be a powerful collaboration tool that will keep you at par with various processes being undertaking in your business. The video wall comprises of multiple screens that are tiled together. You can monitor conference calls, multiple applications, live feeds and so much more using the screens. Proper monitoring will help you know of impending problems to take appropriate measures to avert them.

The best video wall to buy is one that is of high quality. The company that manufactures the wall should have modular Data Wall Systems that can seamlessly integrate visualization features. Ideally, you want a wall that has automated features that will project sharp and vibrant images. The visual detail should increase as the number of screens is increased.

Also, ensure the wall is easy to upgrade. You may need a more advanced video wall as your business grows. Therefore, it is best to choose a cube-designed video wall. With this design, you can replace the projection engines while retaining the existing screens and cabinets. As a result, there will be very little downtime when carrying out an upgrade.

Benefits of Buying a Video Wall

If you want to visualize mission critical operations in your business, it is advisable to get a video wall. The walls are manufactured for different industries. Military command and control centers, utilities, geographic information systems, public information hubs, transportation control centers and other industries all require different types of video walls.

To determine whether a video wall is right for you, decide whether the information that will be displayed in the control room will be viewed by the right people.


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